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As a coffee fiend, I am always looking for good coffee wherever I travel. Sometimes the quest leads to more than just the drink.

Like in Mostar, where I discovered Bosnian coffee and — a way of life.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, coffee drinking is a centuries-old tradition. Whether at home or a café, one drinks coffee with ćeif, a Bosnian word for pleasure and good mood. The coffee is meant to be sipped slowly, and over hours of convo if you are lucky to be in good company. It is a deliberate break time when one puts aside everything else to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Instead of photos, I made a short video this time to showcase the beautiful historic town and its coffee. Hubby took some amazing drone shots too which you will find in the opening!

Though they look similar, Bosnian coffee is not to be confused with Turkish coffee. The differences lie in some of the preparation steps…  And I sensed it’s a matter of national pride.

I was lucky to have had experts show me the right way to enjoy this beverage on my first encounter with it.  A warm thank you to the barista at Cafe de Alma who didn’t shy away from my recording.  This team is full of passion for what they do!  I highly recommend giving them a visit after you’ve braved through the crowds at the famous bridge, Stari Most. You won’t be disappointed.  And this is NOT a sponsored post : )

Have you ever had Bosnian coffee?  How did you enjoy it?


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